How to Cloth Diaper in an Apartment

Thinking about using cloth diapers is often an intimidating task for families. Even with all the necessary tools at hand, it can seem daunting. If you take away some of those tools, the task seems even more insurmountable. One of the challenges that really presents itself to residents of Toronto is space. Many of our customers at Diaper-eez live in small houses, and even more in apartments and condos. A challenge that poses itself particularly to people who live in apartments is a lack of washing machine and dryer in their unit. Often customers express that without an easily accessible washer and dryer, the task of laundering cloth diapers would be too much. Today's blog post comes from a guest blogger named COUSINS NAME. While there was a time that NAME couldn't fathom using cloth diapers in her apartment home, she has now changed her tune and couldn't be happier about making the switch to cloth. We are very pleased to have NAME share her story and her top 3 tips for using cloth diapers in an apartment with us today.

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