Made in Canada

At Diaper-eez, we put a focus on providing families with useful and sustainable baby products. When possible, we love to buy local and Canadian made. Some of our most trusted and favourite products are beautiful and made right here in Canada. Here are some of our favourite local and Canadian made products.

Padraig Slippers.
Slippers made by Padraig Cottage are an extremely warm and cozy handmade slipper. Made of only excellent quality materials (real wool, sheepskin and leather), these slippers will keep toes of any age warm.  Made in Northern Vancouver, Padraig Cottage has been one of our favourite and most popular items for years. These adorable slippers make a great gift for new baby and beyond. To see our Padraig selection or to purchase, please click here.
Mally Bibs at Diaper-eez
Mally Bibs.
Mally Bibs find the perfect balance between cuteness and functionality.  This reversible bib is made of durable leather with magnetic closures, making it really easy to get on and off of your little one’s neck and wipe clean.  One side of this Canadian made bib features a cute image and the other side has a handy spill pocket.  Mally Bibs are a popular baby shower gift because there are so many cute designs that there is sure to be something for everyone.  To view our selection of Mally Bibs or to make a purchase, please click here.

Made in Heaven Nap Bags.
Made in Heaven Nap Bags are the original baby sleeping bag.  Designed with baby sleep safety and comfort in mind, these sleep bags for babies provide a warm and cozy sleep environment without adding the risk of loose blankets or items in the crib.  These beautiful Canadian made nap bags feature a full length zipper to make it easy to get baby in and out.  Soft, warm and safe, Made in Heaven Nap Bags are a great gift for any baby. To see our selection of Made in Heaven Nap Bags, please click here.

This is just a small taste of all of the wonderful Canadian made products that we are so proud to carry at Diaper-eez.