Give Cloth a Chance

Diaper-eez is proud to be a little bit different from your average baby store. We are different because we are a baby store that specializes in cloth diapers. Every day, for many years, we've invested time and energy into educating people about cloth diapers. We offer free Diaper Talks daily, by appointment or walk-in, and we love to spend time with customers explaining to them how cloth diapers work, the differences between them, and how to care for them. We talk with customers about their lifestyle and demonstrate how cloth can work for them and their family in the context of their current lives. While we would love it if all of our customers were ready to jump in to cloth diapering full-time after attending a Diaper Talk, we understand that many people are hesitant. We know that thinking about using cloth diapers instead of disposables can be intimidating. We understand that you might want to dip your toes in the water before you dive right in. For this reason, we are happy to offer the Give Cloth a Chance program at Diaper-eez.

One of the things that we often hear after a Diaper Talk is that our customers need a little bit of time to absorb the information that we’ve given them. Many people express that while they now understand that cloth diapers are not as intimidating as they may have once seemed, they are still not necessarily prepared to invest in an entire cloth diaper system. A lot of people want to take a diaper or two (or 6!) home with them to try washing them, show them to their partner, and think about them a little bit further. This makes a lot of sense to us. We want cloth diapering to be something that our customers are excited about and feel prepared and supported to do. We think easing into the idea of cloth diapering works really well for some people and we would like to encourage our customers who aren’t ready to jump right in to at least give cloth a chance.

The Everything You Need to Cloth Diaper Kit

At Diaper-eez, we offer a great deal for people who are ready to invest in their cloth diaper system. We call this the Everything You Need to Cloth Diaper Kit. This consists of:

24 Cloth Diapers
6 Waterproof Covers (if not attached)
1 Diaper Pail
2 Diaper Pail Liners
12 Washable Wipes
1 Roll of Flushable Liners
1 Bum Cream

When you invest in the Everything You Need to Cloth Diaper Kit, we give you 10% off the entire system. In the past, this deal has only been available when customers invest in the whole kit in one inclusive purchase. You had to buy all pieces of the kit at the same time. Our brand new Give Cloth a Chance program extends the same offer to people who are interested in trying before buying but still want to get a great deal. This program was developed specifically for people who come to Diaper-eez for a Diaper Talk and who purchase a few cloth diapers that day. Those customers will go home with some diapers to try and a card encouraging them to come back and purchase the remainder of their kit at 10% off. Our staff will register your sale under your name and phone number in our system, so we will be able to know what you have already purchased and count those items towards pieces of your kit.

Give Cloth a Chance

If you want to learn more about cloth diapers, call Diaper-eez today at 416-762-5811 to schedule a Diaper Talk. After your talk, feel free to purchase a diaper or two to take home, think about and try. Know that when you return for the rest of your cloth diapers and accessories that you will get the same great savings that you would have if you made the whole purchase at once. At Diaper-eez, our goal is to make people feel confidant, excited and supported in their venture into cloth diapering. If you prefer to test before you invest, our Give Cloth a Chance program is perfect for you.