Nursing Your Baby

Here are some commonly asked questions about nursing your baby.

How many nursing bras do I need to buy?

For most new moms, we recommend having between 2 – 4 nursing bras. While you’ll only ever wear one at a time, having a few on hand can be very beneficial. Bras can be machine washed, but fare best if you hang them to dry. If you have 4 nursing bras, you can be sure you always have a clean and dry one to wear when you need it.

When should I purchase my nursing bras? Before or after I give birth?

We generally recommend that you purchase your first nursing bra before you give birth, as soon as your regular bra begins to feel uncomfortable. Having one or two nursing bras on hand when you give birth in the couple of days following can be very beneficial. We do not recommend buying all of your nursing bras before you give birth as your breasts will change significantly when your milk begins to come in. We have found that buying one or two bras in the last couple weeks of your pregnancy, and then buying the rest a week or two after giving birth works well for most women.

Do you sell or rent breast pumps?

We both sell and rent breast pumps. We sell a manual pump as well as a selection of electric breast pumps by Medela. If you are interested in renting a breast pump, we rent the Medela Symphony – a hospital grade double-breast electric pump. The Medela Symphony can be rented in-store only for a rate of $4/day or $85/month. If you have additional questions about renting a breast pump, please give us a call at 416-762-5811.

Is there anything that you recommend to encourage milk production?

We carry Nursing Tea by Lunar Eclipse that is specifically designed to increase a mother’s milk flow while simultaneously helping your baby expel gas and relieve discomfort associated with infant colic. Other than that, we mostly recommend trying to stay calm and letting your body adjust. If you are very concerned about your milk production, contacting a Lactation Consultant is an excellent way to get some professional input.

Is there anything that you recommend to make nursing more comfortable?

Yes! Please refer to our Buying Guide on Nursing.

I'm having trouble transitioning my baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding - do you have anything that can help?

A lot of new families experience difficulty when they try to move their baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. The biggest things that we can recommend are patience and persistence. With time and consistency, your baby will likely get used to it. The next best thing that we can recommend is the Calma Feeding System by Medela. This bottle nipple is similarly shaped to a breast and requires the baby to suckle to get any liquid, rather than a traditional bottle nipple that has a flow even when your baby isn’t suckling. This system was designed to provide a more similar experience between breastfeeding and bottle feeding and seems to be a good solution for a lot of babies who are struggling with the transition.