One of the most confusing aspects of doing online research on cloth diapers is that the language used is often not consistent between websites. If you are feeling confused about some of the cloth diaper terminology that you've come across, take a read through this glossary of common cloth diaper terms.


This stands for all-in-one. In the cloth diapering world, this refers to an all-in-one diaper. This is an inclusive cloth diaper that functions entirely on its own. The absorbent component and waterproof component are attached, making it as easy to use as a disposable diaper. It requires no extra liners and fastens with either hook and loop or snap closures.


​This stands for all-in-two. Sometimes called hybrid diapers, an all-in-two is a diaper that has a detachable insert. When the insert and cover are put together (usually they snap into place), they create a complete cloth diaper. Inserts and covers can be attached ahead of time, making diaper changes aseasy as using a disposable or all-in-one diaper. 


​This stands for polyurethane laminate. Polyurethane laminate is a compound fabric that is made by laminating a cloth fabric to a thin film of polyurethane. This creates a waterproof fabric that is ideal for diaper covers. Most diapers that we carry feature a PUL cover that when paired with an absorbent component make a durable and leak-free diaper. PUL is also used for a range of other products that need to be waterproof, such as outerwear clothing and shower curtains. 

Fitted Diapers

​Fitted diapers are the absorbent component of a 2-piece cloth diaper. These are contoured cloth diapers that will sit directly against your baby’s skin and will be the part of the diaper that absorbs liquid. When paired with a waterproof cover, you have a complete cloth diaper – one part absorbent and one part waterproof.

Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are the waterproof components of cloth diapers. Sometimes attached and sometimes separate, diaper covers are an essential part of cloth diapers; they keep messes contained and prevent leaking.  

Flat Diapers

Flat diapers are the most traditional and basic type of diaper. These are diapers that lie flat regularly and can be folded to fit. Flat Diapers can come in the form of cotton flannel squares or cotton prefolds. When combined with a waterproof cover, a flat diaper makes a complete absorbent and waterproof diaper. 

Hook and Loop

​Hook and Loop is an alternative term for a fastener that most people more commonly know as Velcro. Velcro, however, is a brand name rather than a product (like Kleenex). Hook and Loop is a commonly used fastener for cloth diapers. 


Aplix is an alternative term for a fastener that most people more commonly know as Velcro.  Velcro, however, is a brand name rather than a product (like Kleenex). Aplix (also a brand name) is a commonly used fastener for cloth diapers.


Prefolds are a type of flat diaper. Similar to a flannel square, pre-folds lie flat when not in use and can be folded into a diaper. Prefolds have multiple layers of fabric to increase absorbency. They are simple cotton diapers that are durable and functional​

Pocket Diapers

​Pocket diapers are cloth diapers that have a pocket opening between the outer and inner layer of the waterproof cover. When a cloth insert is put inside of the pocket, it creates a complete absorbent and waterproof diaper. Pocket diapers are great for customizing absorbency, as you can add extra absorbent components if needed.


A wrap is another term for a diaper cover. Sometimes attached to the absorbent component and sometimes a separate piece, wraps are the very necessary waterproof component of cloth diapers.


This stands for one-size. It is pretty common for cloth diapers to be one-size that is adjustable to fit babies between approximately 7 – 35 lbs. This means that the same diapers could fit your baby from birth right through to potty training.