For a lot of women, the transition into breastfeeding can be both a very exciting and nerve wracking time. Breastfeeding, while often thought to be very easy and natural, can be very challenging at times. Having some tools on hand to help you breastfeed your baby comfortably and get used to your changing body can be hugely beneficial. For breastfeeding, we recommend:

​2-4 Nursing Bras

Having enough nursing bras on hand will prove to be very beneficial, especially when you are just getting used to nursing and may leak from time to time. It’s important to have bras that fit well and are comfortable.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is a great tool to provide yourself with an opportunity for relief from breastfeeding. Pumping not only helps to relieve built-up pressure in your breasts, but also gives other family members and important people in your baby’s life an opportunity to feed your little one. Bottle-feeding time can be a great opportunity to bond while providing you with a chance to have a minute or two for yourself.

2-6 Bottles.

An essential part of bottle-feeding is having bottles. We find that a 4oz bottle typically works really well for a new baby. Having at least 2 bottles on hand is a good idea, in case one is in the wash and your baby is ready to eat. Some people prefer to have a few more – it’s really up to you.

​Breast Milk Collection Bags

If you are planning to use a breast pump and bottle-feed some of the time, breast milk collection bags can be a huge help. You can pump directly into the bags and then seal them and put them in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

​Reusable Breast Pads

Having a couple of packages of washable breast pads on hand can be very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. A soft, absorbent and natural breast pad that you can wash and re-use will both be comfortable and effective in preventing leaks.

Disposable Breast Pads

While we are certainly advocates for reusable products rather than disposable products, we have found that a lot of breastfeeding women like to have some disposable breast pads in addition to their reusable ones. Disposable breast pads are excellent for keeping in your purse or diaper bag for those times when you aren’t expecting that you’ll need them. They will help keep you dry and you can toss them in the trash when you’re through with them.

​Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a great tool for breastfeeding moms. Nursing pillows are designed to keep your baby in a position that is comfortable for both of you when feeding and to keep your baby in the ideal position to properly latch on to your nipple.

​Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are an effective and stylish way to nurse modestly and discreetly in public. Available in a variety of sleek prints and colours, nursing covers are designed to give you a good view of your baby feeding, while preventing any one else who may be around from getting a good view as well.

Nursing Tea

Nursing tea has been designed to increase mother’s milk flow, while also soothing baby’s gassy belly and relieving discomfort due to colic. It is also calming, relaxing and tastes great