​There are a variety of things that you will need as you progress through your pregnancy to make things easier on you and make your transition into parenthood smoother. For making your pregnancy a little easier, we recommend:

The Bella Band

The Bella Band is an excellent transitional tube top for your growing belly. When you are beginning to grow out of your pre-pregnancy clothing but are not quite ready for maternity pants, the Bella Band will help keep your pants or skirt in place without fastening them. As you transition into maternity clothing, the Bella Band will cover up the elastic around your stomach. The Bella Band can help make the transition from regular clothing to maternity clothing much easier on you.

Preggie Drops

These sour candies are specifically designed to help settle upset and nervous tummies during your first trimester. Individually wrapped so that you never have to leave home without them, these hard candies and some plain crackers can be a big help in settling your stomach. 

Belly Rub

Often called belly butter or belly jelly, these belly rub balms are designed to be rubbed all  over your stomach and breasts. Treat your changing body to a rub down with a gentle moisturizing balm that will help your skin stay supple and moist and help reduce the likelihood of stretch marks. 

Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a great way to keep an organized record of everything that occurs during your pregnancy. Track the progress of your pregnancy as your baby grows to term. A pregnancy journal is a wonderful gift for any mom to be

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

A classic Dr. Seuss book about the journey of life. This is a great book to  read aloud to your not-yet-born baby to give them an early head start to success. Oh, The Places You’ll Go! is a story of encouragement and support that is perfect for cheering your little one on before he even leaves the gate.

Nursing Bras

You may think that you should wait until your baby is born to purchase a nursing bra, but we have found that many women find it helpful to purchase one late in their pregnancy. Once your regular bra begins to be uncomfortable, you may want to purchase a nursing bra that will serve an additional purpose in months to come. We proudly carry Bravado nursing bras - Bravado Designs are a Toronto based company that designs bras by women for women that have helped countless women through pregnancy and early days of nursing.