At around 6 months old, your baby will start to be ready to start eating solid food. This is an exciting time for many new parents, as they see their baby starting to make advances in development and they can begin to start sharing mealtimes together in a new way. It is easy to make your own healthy and delicious baby food, especially if you have the right tools.
For mealtime with your baby, we recommend:

Feeding Chair

Your baby is going to need a designated feeding chair for mealtime. You can opt for an independent high chair or a feeding chair that straps on to your existing dining chairs. Having a chair that keeps your baby in place and at a good height for eating is very helpful for mealtime. 


It’s good to have specific bowls and plates for your baby, especially when they are first getting used to mealtime. Having a bowl made out of hard to break material is a great idea. Lots of baby bowls feature a suction cup bottom so that your baby will be less likely to tip it over. 


If your little baby is going to attempt feeding herself solid food, she’s going to need some utensils that she can get a good grip on. Baby sized utensils are often made out of safe plastics, wood or cornstarch. These materials produce utensils that are less sharp than steel and safer for babies to hold on their own. 

Food Mill

A food mill is a great tool to have if you are going to be making homemade baby food. Making your own baby food means that you can use fresh (and organic) ingredients and that you know exactly what is in the food your baby is consuming. No preservatives.

Baby Food Storage

Having small sealable containers to store pre-portioned servings of baby food in is a great tool for families that are making their baby’s food at home. Easy to freeze and defrost, so you can make food in bulk and save it for later. 

Baby Safe Feeder

A baby safe feeder is a great way to let your child get used to the tastes and textures of solid foods without having to worry about them choking. Perfect for fresh or frozen fruits and berries.

Sippy Cup

Starting solid foods means your baby will be using a bottle a lot less. This can be a good time to get your baby started on a sippy cup. A small cup with a gentle sippy lid means that your baby can take small sips of liquid without risk of big spills. 

Snack Container

As your child starts to get used to solid foods and becomes more interested in snacking, having some snack containers can be very helpful. Small snack containers with resealable lids are easy for babies to hold on to and allow them to get used to feeding themselves.