Cloth Diapering

Diaper-eez has a few recommendations of what you need to make taking your first step into cloth diapering a successful one. Assuming you want to launder your cloth diapers every other day (rather than every single day), we really believe that having the following products will aid you in your success.
For your cloth diaper stash, we recommend:

24-30 Cloth Diapers

These can be any cloth diapers of your choosing. We recommend doing some research by visiting us for a diaper talk to find out which style of diaper will work best for you. We know 30 may sound like too many, but it really isn’t. Your baby may not need 15 diaper changes every single day, but some days he or she will. Having 30 diapers will ensure you only need to have to launder your diapers every second or third day while making sure you always have a clean and dry diaper to wrap your baby’s bottom in.

6-12 Diaper Covers

You don’t need a new diaper cover every time you change your baby’s diaper – often you can just change the absorbent component. This means you don’t need to purchase nearly as many diaper covers as you do diapers. We recommend at least 6, as you can usually get away with only using 3 a day, especially if you wipe them clean and let them air dry between changes. If you choose all-in-one diapers, you don’t need to purchase additional diaper covers because they are already attached to your diapers. If you choose an all in two system you will need at least 12 diaper covers.


Some people who use cloth diapers also use cloth wipes, while others choose disposable wipes. Whichever option you choose will work just fine - we have gentle and natural disposable wipes available. If you choose to use cloth wipes, you can store dirty ones in your diaper pail and launder them in the same load as your diapers.

Diaper Pail

A diaper pail is an essential part of your cloth diapering tool kit. It holds all your dirty diapers and contains the odour until it’s time for them to be laundered. They usually have lids that lock in place and feature a holder for a carbon filter to really keep odours from escaping. Or you can choose a "Hanging Pail" which is made of nylon with a waterproof interior with a zipper closing that can hang on a door knob or on a towel bar in the bathroom. Perfect for those condo dwellers who have very little space to store diapers.

2 Diaper Pail Liners

One way to help keep your diaper pail from absorbing odours and to make getting your dirty diapers into your washing machine simple, is to use a pail liner. A pail liner is a waterproof and wipeable bag that fits inside your diaper pail. When it’s time to put your diapers in the wash, carry them to the washer in the pail liner, dump the diapers into the machine and throw the pail liner in behind them. We recommend having 2 pail liners so that you can always have one in your pail, even when one is in the wash. If you have a front loading machine it is essential to have pail liners.

Flushable Liners

A biodegradable and flushable liner is a great way to make changing cloth diapers even easier. Having a flushable liner inside of your cloth diaper means that you can just lift the liner (and any mess that may have landed on top of it) out of the diaper and flush the whole thing down the toilet. Now you can put your significantly-less-soiled diaper into your diaper pail until laundry time.

1 - 2 Wet Bags

A wet bag is a great tool to make cloth diapering while you’re on-the-go way more convenient. A wet bag is a wipeable and waterproof bag that is perfect for carrying soiled cloth diapers when you’re out and about. Wet bags usually close with either a zipper or a drawstring, making it easy to toss your bag of soiled diapers under your stroller, in your trunk, or wherever you might want to store your diapers until you get home.

Diaper Sprayer

A diaper sprayer simply attaches to the back of the toilet. It is a perfect and convenient way to get rid of the poop. Simply spray the poop away and flush. It also can be used for "wet" diapers to rinse out the urine from the diaper and therefore cutting down the chance of ammonia building up in the diaper pail. The diaper sprayer also eliminates the pre-wash cycle when laundering your diaper stash.