Bedtime is an important time for babies and new parents. It’s helpful to have the tools that can help you get your baby to sleep warm and comfortable. While nothing will guarantee that your baby will sleep sound throughout the night, we have found that the following products are beneficial in getting your baby into a good sleeping pattern.
For getting your baby to sleep, we recommend having:


Having something warm and comfortable for your baby to put on before bedtime can help make your nighttime routine nice and easy. Sleepers are one-piece pajamas that are designed to keep your baby nice and warm through the night. Sleepers come in a variety of fabrics and range in weight from light to heavy. Having a few sleepers in your baby’s layette ensures that they will always have a clean and dry one to spend the night in. 

Swaddling Blankets

Most new babies like to be wrapped up in a nice tight swaddle for bedtime. It keeps them snug, warm and familiar feeling.  Swaddling restricts movement, which can prevent your baby from waking herself up throughout the night.  

Sleep Sack

A sleep sack (also commonly referred to as a nap bag) is like a fitted sleeping bag for infants. Sleep sacks are an excellent way to keep your baby nice and warm without having to worry about the risk of them pulling a blanket up to their face. Having one or two of these in your baby’s layette is a great way to help your little one sleep. 

Night Light

A night light is a good tool to help your baby feel comfortable and calm at bedtime. They can also be very helpful for you when you are checking on your baby or changing a late-night diaper. Night lights range from very simple to very cool, but all offer a little light to make things a little easier on you and your baby at night.

Sound Machine

Some babies need a little bit of familiar or soothing sound to help them get to sleep. A sound machine usually offers a variety of soothing sounds, ranging from heartbeat to rain, which can help comfort your baby to sleep. 


Reading your baby a book or two before bedtime can be a wonderful addition to your night time routine. An excellent chance to hold and bond with your baby while reading a story can be a good way to soothe your baby before bed. There are countless of baby books available – find a few that you really like and add them to your child’s library.