Bathing your child is a wonderful time to bond and have some fun as your baby gets used to the way that their body feels and moves in the water. A warm bath is a great way to soothe your baby’s gassy tummy and get them smelling and feeling soft and clean. Having some baby bath time specific products can make bathing your little one a little easier on you.
For bathing your baby, we recommend having:

Bath Tub

It’s important to have a space for bathing your baby that is safe and easy to access.Babies can get pretty slippery, so you want to make sure that they are in a tub that keeps them contained and safe. You can opt for a tub or sink insert that will help you to bathe your infant, or you can choose a baby specific tub. Either way, having somewhere safe and secure to bathe your baby will help make bath time easier. 


It’s important to have something warm and dry to get your baby in to quickly when they get out of the bath. Babies can get cold quite quickly, and while a regular towel could be sufficient, many parents opt for a baby specific towel. They’re designed to wrap your baby up quickly after you get them out of the bath and to keep them nice and warm. Many baby specific towels feature hoods to keep your little one’s head warm and cozy. 

Faucet Cover

One off the most frightening things about bath time is how close the metal faucet can get to your baby’s head. A faucet cover is made of soft and protective material and fits over top of your metal faucet. They project water away from the metal taps, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Faucet covers create a gentle waterfall into the tub that babies seem to love. 


Bath water temperature can be tricky, especially for new and tired parents or when your child starts to want to spend a lot of the time in the bath. A thermometer is a really easy way to make sure that your baby’s bath water is always the perfect temperature and will indicate when it’s not ideal. 

Bath Toys

Bath time may be primarily for getting clean, but having a few toys in the bathtub can help your baby enjoy bath time and get used to being in the water. Bath toys are great for children of all ages, starting with simple rubber floating toys and getting more advanced as your child grows older. 

Toy Storage

One of the things about having bath toys is that they need to be dried properly or else they can get gross quickly. Having a specific place to put your toys to dry after bath time is very helpful. A toy storage system that hangs in your tub and allows the water to drain is a great way to store and dry your bath toys. 

Soap and Lotion

Your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and fares best if washed with something gentle. Having a mild and natural soap for your baby’s skin will significantly decrease the likelihood of an allergic reaction and will leave them feeling and smelling soft and clean.