Celebrate International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day is March 8th. International Women's Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate and say thank you to all of the incredible grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and other women who have played an important role in your life. This year, we're celebrating International Women's Day by featuring three of our favourite products that were developed by great Canadian women.

Anointment (April MacKinnon)
Anointment is a line of all natural skin care items for babies and new moms.  Anointment was originally a side project of civil engineer April MacKinnon, after learning about the negative impacts that many ingredients in body care products have on our bodies and on our environment. Originally sold only at the Halifax Farmer’s Market in Nova Scotia, Anointment quickly began building a reputation as an effective and gentle alternative. While Anointment has grown and changed over the years, April and her small team still make all products by hand, in small batches, using the best local and certified organic ingredients available. They do things the old fashioned way so that they can pay attention to every tiny detail. While the line offers something for the whole family, they are especially exceptional at products for babies and new moms. Find our selection of Anointment products here.

AMP Diapers
AMP Diapers (Annie Marie Padorie)
AMP makes a fantastic variety of cloth diapers that are adorable, effective and made in Canada. When AMP owner Annie Marie Padorie wanted to cloth diaper her own baby, she found that there were a lot of obstacles.  She was unimpressed with the low quality products available and knew there had to be a better option.  She began sewing her own cloth diapers and came up with several different models before she came up with a diaper that was easy to use, easy to wash and comfortable for her baby.  When her friends began to insist that she make cloth diapers for them as well, AMP Diapers was born.  Annie has since created a whole line of wonderfully effective cloth diapers that have proven to be an excellent choice for families looking to reduce waste and their environmental impact.  While she no longer sews all of the diapers herself, Annie prides herself on having a great team of workers who focus on making the highest quality products as possible, right from their very own factory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Find our selection of AMP products here.

SleepBelt (Hayley Mullins)
The SleepBelt is a unique skin-to-skin support system and nap wrap.  Many parents of infants know that skin-to-skin contact is sometimes the only thing that can calm a fussy baby.  However, when an infant falls asleep on you, your hands are often left totally occupied and you are unable to do much else.  Hayley Mullins was a new Canadian mom who had an infant who calmed best when held skin-to-skin.  One day, as her infant slept on her chest, Hayley attempted to pick up her phone.  Her baby stirred awake and rolled off of her chest and on to the floor.  Hayley knew there had to be a way to keep her sleeping infant secure while also allowing her to use her hands.  She teamed up with her sister Ashley to create the SleepBelt.  The SleepBelt features a simple, versatile and universal design that snugs baby up against your body while allowing you to use your hands freely.  This awesome product allows you to rest easy and reduce stress about whether or not sleeping baby is secure on your body while you read a book, browse the web or check your phone.  Check out the SleepBelt here.

There are just a few examples of the amazing products that women can create when they identify a gap in the market. Celebrate the women in your life, on International Women’s Day and every day!