Back to School Essentials

Back to school season is right around the corner. Once again, summer has slipped away and it is time to return to regular daily routines. Whether your little ones are making a confident return to school this year or taking their first steps into the classroom, there are some essential items that will make the transition just a little bit smoother. Here is a list of products that the staff at Diaper-eez think are must-haves for back to school this season.

Klean Kanteen
Klean Kanteen
A durable and easy to drink from water bottle is essential for a long day in the classroom. Klean Kanteens are made of food grade stainless steel that doesn’t retain flavour so that liquids always taste fresh and clean. These water bottles are nice and slender, making them easy for small hands to grasp. Available with either a sport or a sippy cap, these tough canteens are great for kids of all ages. Easy to fill, easy to drink from and easy to clean.

SoYoung Lunchbox
An insulated and stylish lunchbox that will help keep your child’s lunch and snacks cool and separate from their other belongings. SoYoung lunchboxes come with an extra long strap so that they can be worn as a messenger bag or a backpack. Each lunchbox comes with a removable and easy to clean insert so that spills are no big deal. Made of sturdy coated linen and decorated with a simple one-colour print, these bags are stylish, cool and functional.

Colibri Snack Bags
Colibri Reusable Snack Bags
Colibri Reusuable Snack Bags are the perfect replacement for disposable Ziploc bags.  These little waterproof pouches are ideal transportation for snacks and lunches. The zippers are easy for small hands to open and close and both sizes of snack bags fold up compactly so they don’t take up a lot of space when your snacks are eaten up. 

Herschel Backpack
A well-made, structured and easy to clean backpack makes any day at school easier.  Having an organized bag to pack your little ones belongings in means that you can be confidant that they will have everything they need for the day.  Sturdy zippers make opening and closing the bag simple, even for little hands. A zippered pocket on the front of the bag makes it easy to keep small items separate and easy to find. All Herschel backpacks feature a name tag on the inside of the bag, in case any other kids at school have a backpack that is as cool as yours. Simple, stylish and durable.

All of these awesome back to school products are available both in-store and online. Available right now, and also straight through the entire school year.